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The Movie Star News Archive holds one of the largest and most diverse collections of Hollywood Photographs in the world, amassing more than 3 Million images.





Movie Star News was founded in 1938 by Irving Klaw. Early in his first endeavor, a book store in lower Manhattan, Klaw often noticed that his customers would tear the pages featuring their favorite movie stars out of the magazines in the store. Shortly thereafter, he traded his love of literature for their love of celebrity photographs, and the idea of Movie Star News was born.


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Circumventing the various magazine publishing houses, Klaw wasted no time. He sought out to contact the movie studios direct, many of which were located in New York City, at that time. Klaw inquired as to the fate of the photographs and studio negatives once a movie had "wrapped" or concluded filming. Their response: Following a films release, all of the photos, negatives and other such promotional materials were to be discarded to make room for the next motion picture, preserving only the master reels. Thrilled and delighted, Klaw's winning persistence and suprisingly high rate of success, garnered him hundreds of thousands of images directly from the movie studios.





















































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